I'm Omkarnath, from the state of Maharashtra, India

  • I am a developer fella. I maintain this page to describe my experience and current status
  • My Github profile : Omie at Github


Working at StriveWire GmbH (strivewire.com) as a full stack node js developer

Personal projects

  • Shruti - Audio notifications software suit
    • Listen to what is going around instead of just reading them all the time
    • There are bunch of scrapers that fetch updates and microservices that help you listen to them
    • Golang, Ivona TTS, AngularJS, Docker
    • http://shrutiapp.com/
    • Check out bunch of shruti-* repos in my github for source
  • GoSMS -Free Open Source Software
  • Quicktions -startup
    • Building a platform to get your quick-questions answered in realtime
    • Take a look at quicktions.com
  • WiFiMango -tiny product for local markets
    • Token based WiFi hotspot management in SaaS model
    • Check it out at wifimango.com
  • Professional Experience

    StriveWire GmbH (October 2015 - Present) - node.js, react, flux

    • researched for and implemented full text search. Postgres pg_trgm, React
    • implemented User 2 User chat on top of existing chat components. React application. Workflows are similar to that of facebook's /messages page. Real time updates even in sidebar, site wide messages dropdown and such
    • implemented Tournament Browse React application. Has fancy filtering options
    • improved testing by significant margin. Added bunch of unit tests, integration tests, stress tests.
      wrote a test generator that helps testing ~85% of all the GET routes.
      also made sure jade template files are tested for syntax errors at deployment time.
    • foundation work for supporting S3 uploads
    • performed major refactors across the codebase to make it robust. Mainly supporting transactional queries, simplifying complex nested async trees, comply to later-added-coding-standards and such
    • bunch of minor features, improvements, bugfixes, refactors, cleanups
    • total impact on codebase is ~40k loc++ and 30k loc--

    MovieCycle GmbH (Contractor) - Golang

    • Took care of B2C API, added number of features to their product
    • Can't put it out in details but I worked on scraping related tasks, update their REST api, worked with Elastic search a bit

    Coriolis Technologies - (June 2011 - January 2014) - Django/Python, Information Security, Management

    • Colama : colama.net : think of Openstack+Moodle. I worked as a full stack developer
    • Logbook : centralized logging server, excellent filtering capabilities
    • Licensing portal for multiple products : license key generation, online activation and such licensing features for multiple products
    • Admin app for thinclients : embedded configuration app for thinclients
    • Appliance configuration manager : web based configurator for one BYOD product
    • Administrative web app for TIFR : cashless canteen system for Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
    Information Security and Business Management
    • Built a new business vertical, hired people, trained a team of 6
    • 5 projects completed in an year, 4 of them for the worlds biggest security giant

    Curious and motivated

    It was fun to solve challenges while I was free in my early days at Coriolis Technologies

    • Persistent RAM: This was very interesting. Maintain the state of portion of RAM even after a reboot, without having to dump on persistent storage!
      One senior fellow in my previous company did this for Solaris - I studied from his techniques and implemented the same on Linux kernel over a period of 2 weekends
    • Spice for Android: Aakash Android tablets were developed by Indian Institute of Technology and were offered at subsidized price to students. I wanted to get Spice client running on these tables so that one could easily access machines hosted using Colama. I worked on an old opensource Spice client and updated it to get it running on recent versions of Android

    Online Communities

    I learned to code only because of awesome internet communities.
    During my graduation, which I did in Commerce, I had no formal education of computer science or programming.
    Its because of internet communities I got to learn something new everyday, I could explore the new technologies and develop a wide skillset.

    • chip-india.com
      • Since 2005, I was active on the forums hosted by a tech magazine called Chip at chip-india.com. (This site is now closed down.)
        Most important thing I learned from this forum was, how to use 'teh interwebs' to get most out of it.
        This knowledge and some awesome online friends is what I owe to chip-india.com
    • Microsoft Developer Network
      • My profile: Omie at MSDN
      • This contribution, along with some blogging, earned me Microsoft's Most Valuable Professioal award.
        According to Microsoft, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given to "exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others. - Wikipedia
      • I have received a recommendation letter from Microsoft. You can check scanned copy here: Letter


    • Professional
      • build the next big thing!
    • Personal
      • Have some life
        Travel, see the world, experience how the world works in different parts
        Learn to live in different conditions, with different people. Learn the ways of living in harmony

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